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Unleash your team's full potential by cultivating a collaborative and inclusive environment that drives innovation.

One of the biggest realizations that most biotech founders face as they begin to scale is that leading and managing a team of people is as hard as technology development. 

In order to reach your product development milestones, your team needs to be working effectively together. That means having clear goals and expectations, setting up healthy human-first management systems, creating an inclusive and psychologically safe culture, and leading positively through change. 

The good news is: you can lean on us to help you develop strategies and systems to make the whole of your team greater than the sum of its parts. 

Our leadership & management experts

Jaye Goldstein is one of our leadership & management expert, who, as Founder and CEO of Founder to Leader, has utilized her diverse and non-linear career journey to excel in coaching biotech founders, including her instrumental role in supporting 11 founders at the venture capital firm Petri to raise over $23M.


Jane Wilkinson is a leadership & management expert, who, has led a series of scientific initiatives and organizations including the Human Genome Project at the Broad Institute, being the Executive Director of the Koch Institute at MIT, and founding CanCollaborate, which aims to find solutions for rare cancers. 


How we support our leadership and management clients


We provide individual or team coaching based on your goals and needs. We take our confidentiality agreements extremely seriously with our clients and often coach multiple members on the same team. We are biased towards action and leverage our custom-built tools with clients so that theory can immediately be put into practice. 


We've designed hybrid classes to help your team learn at their own pace throughout the week, and then come together for a live virtual chat with our team to answer questions. We offer classes a few times a year that are open to the public, most often we host classes for teams private to learn together with us.


Current classes: Management 101


Workshops are typically 1-2 hour in-person or virtual learning sessions led by Founder to Leader. They're a great way to align your team with a new skill - and get everyone on the same page quickly. We've hosted workshops on Getting Started With Hiring, Onboarding New Employees, Management Basics, and a range of other topics. We're happy to build a custom workshop to meet your team's needs. 

Retreats + Facilitation

It's often helpful to have a third party facilitate a retreat or a high-stakes conversation. We are happy to teach you to lead and run your retreat or meeting - or to join you so you can participate as well. We've facilitated a range of meeting types from co-founder alignment and OKR goal setting to company culture and organizational design. 

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