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Raise your profile - and your company's - to attract funders, advisors, and top talent. 

It's incredibly important as an emerging founder and leader to have a strong public profile to help you elevate your company to the next level. Learning how to talk to media and how to promote your successes is a big part of getting your growth flywheel spinning. 


At Founder to Leader, we can coach you and your team on Communication strategy/goals, messaging, storytelling,  PR strategy, media training - and we can help you preparation and practice for media interviews. We can custom-build our support to best fit your timeline and needs. 

Our media + comms expert

Lori Lennon is our media and comms expert, leveraging her diverse experiences in tv news, academia, and in politics to guide founders in realizing their potential and maximizing their influence in the biotech and climate tech sectors.

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How we support our
media + comms clients


Media + comms coaching is particularly effective because, in 1:1 sessions, you will receive individualized feedback to help you improve your skills and style. We can help you prepare for an interview or big event, enabling you to be able to do this work on your own after a handful of sessions with us.  


We've designed hybrid classes to help your team learn at their own pace throughout the week, and then come together for a live virtual chat with our team to answer questions. We offer classes a few times a year that are open to the public. Most often, though, we host classes for teams privately to learn together with us.


Workshops are typically 1-2 hour in-person or virtual learning sessions led by Founder to Leader. They're a great way to align your team with a new skill - and get everyone on the same page quickly. We're happy to build a custom workshop to meet your team's needs. 


Want us to dig and help you improve a document or a help you get ready for a press release? Let us know and we can hop in and help your work shine. 

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