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At Founder to Leader, we have a bias for action. 

We're not just about theory, we're about putting best practices in motion to help accelerate progress with your startup. There's no need to reinvent the wheel; let's simplify things for you. We've been building out a library of grab-and-go tools and templates so you can in google so you can download them, customize them, and use them to realtime as you build. 

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New as of June 1, 2023: 

Our Toolbox is now available to founders and leaders everywhere! There is a one-time cost of $500 for access to the entire collection of resources and tools, which includes an optional 30-minute onboarding session with Jaye Goldstein. This cost is for lifetime access for 1 person. Once you submit your payment, you will get access within 24 hours.


Please contact us for group sales price.

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