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Hi, I’m Lori Lennon. I use my journalistic background and passion for communicating science to help founders share their life’s work. My experience as a communicator has allowed me to work with leading researchers tackling some of the most significant issues of our time. My goal is to provide the tools and resources needed for founders put their best and most authentic foot forward.

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Lights, camera, action

As a journalism graduate from Northeastern University, I dove head-first into TV news here in Boston. At a time when websites were uncharted territory for news organizations, I joined a team at WBZ-TV that helped revolutionize the way users consume news—breaking stories, producing exclusive content, and developing interactive opportunities to boost a reader’s engagement.

During my tenure at WBZ-TV, the website earned the Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Broadcast Affiliated website for a large market in 2005 and 2007 and the Associated Press Award for Best TV/Media website in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

While in television news, I helped cover elections, Super Bowls, major local news events, and our beloved Boston Marathon. I have spent time in front of and behind the camera. I love using these experiences to help folks feel more comfortable when engaging with the media. Journalists aren’t scary; they are just curious! 

Science Communications and Academia

Shortly after leaving television, I served as communications director for the College of Science at Northeastern University. I was looking for an opportunity to expand my skills, and this position would do just that. This role provided me with the unique opportunity to build the communications structure of a brand-new college from the ground up.  

Managing the communication efforts of six departments and three programs, I quickly saw the need to help faculty start connecting with new audiences about their innovative research. I also saw how my journalistic experience could help scientists share their work. As a person who has never been afraid to ask why, I immersed myself in subjects such as climate change, neglected diseases, nanoscience, string theory, and neuroscience.

As a director, my work spanned many communication disciplines at Northeastern, including strategic planning, messaging, public relations, editorial writing, digital marketing and communications, content development, marketing and communications for recruitment, and email marketing strategies and implementation.

Experiences from the Stump

In 2017, I took a sharp turn and ran for state representative here in Massachusetts. 

For the better part of a year, I knocked on thousands of doors, fielded media interviews, penned opinion pieces, delivered stump speeches at fundraising events, and participated in a televised debate. 

Despite not winning the race, I was still able to achieve parts of the platform I proposed, including the drafting of Bill H.419, with the support of Rep. Ted Philips, which will create a STEM Advisory Commission to review proposed legislation and provide feedback and modifications on bills, and act as an advocate for the interest of the state’s STEM community and their relations with the state and federal government. 

As a result of my campaign, I was also offered a recurring role on a political television show, and co-hosted a podcast featuring political leaders and influencers. The podcast is where I acquired my production and editing chops — skills I still use today to support founders and organizations interested in starting their own podcasts.

Becoming your coach

After the campaign, I wanted to return to science. I founded Thinkubator Media to help STEM founders share their work with those who need to hear it.

I help create a solid understanding and foundation for a company’s communication structure, whether they are looking for messaging support, ghostwriting for opinion pieces, media training (my favorite!), digital support, public relations, and overall strategy.

With empathy and compassion in mind, I help leaders explore ways to talk about their research that keeps its scientific integrity while also making it easier to understand for those who may not be in the same field of research.

I also develop custom programs and workshops for corporate and academic clients to help them achieve their communication goals.

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